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He was in the same reclined position on the bed as the night before.

Hopeful eyes boring into the ceiling with subtle eager flinches to the door.

This was longer than the last few times Jonathan had sent Edward away. On average he would be back with his boyfriend before dawn, he figured Jonathan-like him- felt the same forlorn he did when he went to bed alone.

He had studied Jon's habits as well as his feelings, one of which being that he oddly woke up around nine o'clock every morning. Never later and never earlier. Plus it wasn't as if he went to bed at a decent time, no matter the time he falls into a slumber, either by passing out from exhaustion or willingly taking Edward in his arms and falling deeply into a spelling sleep, his eyes snap open, angry at the morning for coming.  

It would fade though when he would see Edward awake as well, his eyes softening in the most stunning way. It made his heart flutter childishly.

He caved into the anxiety that made his chest twirl in impatience. He was a man of action and he wasn't going to wait for something to happen all day.

Edward knew the house was empty, he promptly ignored Harvey's goodbye when he left.

Although the house was a nice change of setting, but that would mean he would be a hypocrite. He moved in with Jonathan to settle down with him and make him happy. He was sick of changes anyway.

He stayed for the love he felt when Jon smiled because of him. That small gesture, made a gigantic impact in his heart. If that meant doing unspeakable and degrading acts then...the ends justify the means as they say.

The phone had not been touched since he threw it in his fit. With a speedy hand he picked it up and with equal speed dialed the number.

I'm sorry, but this number you have dialed is out of service. Please contact the owner of this number for more information

His eyebrows angled down, expressing his frustrating confusion.

"What the..." He said out loud, grimacing at the phone.

He dialed again and the same message of the same god damn woman with the same monotone voice greeted him.

He immediately started pacing across the modernly furnished room.

He needed to find Harvey's keys and leave. He needed to go and talk to Jonathan. Something is wrong, he could be hurt or in danger.

There's a reasonable explanation for all of this. He'll tell him everything is a joke and that he's just teaching him a lesson and everything is going to be okay

He tossed the drawers of random cabinets open, tossing objects everywhere.

His hand was delved deep into the drawer in Harvey's room, a cabinet that had mirrors for each of its drawers.

His fingers brushed against a cool metal, it was too large to be his keys, however it felt valuable. He curled his fingers around the object and pulled, the heavy lumbering weight was a surprise.

The magnum came out and gleamed in the light, the reflection of the mirrors against the silver making a light stream across the room. He looked at it, not with shocked wide eyes, but with knowing ones.

He checked the safety, making sure it was on, before shoving it on the side of his hip.

Several hopeless minutes later, he had still not found the keys. He then wondered if the villain was idiotic enough to keep it in the car.

So he opened several doors to find the garage.

Good news he found the garage.

With no car.

Because Harvey took it.

He slapped his palm against his forehead, leaving a faint red mark. Of course anything having to do with Jonathan made him into a total idiot.

He looked at the phone again and thought of calling a taxi. He had no money.

He could use the gun!

But would lead to police. Something Jonathan or he did not need.

He sat on the couch his head cupped in his hands. The gun's weight felt lighter now that he had become accustom to the brick weight hanging tightly to his hip.

Then he had another thought. Harvey had the car, Harvey doesn't want cops, Edward had a gun.

He grinned.

The blonde villain had rolled into the driveway, an exasperated feeling washing over him when he realized he would have to deal with Edward's nagging. Then he reminded himself of the outcome after all of this Scarecrow madness and he might become something important or a needing distraction to him.

He had a quality that drove him up the wall, yet at the same time closer to the brunette.

He didn't get a chance to even pull the door handle when there was a tapping on his window, the tapping coming from his own gun and not Edward's hand. His gun was currently being held by Edward's hand.

He groaned loudly and smashed his forehead against the steering wheel. Now three hundred thousand dollars did not sound bad.

I think I failed to tell you how much I HATE you.

The metal tapped against his glass three more times, he stared at the hood of his car and rolled down the window. If he still had nerves on his burnt half, he would have felt the coldness of the barrel of the gun.

"I know your dumb enough to leave a gun in a house with a stranger, but do you hold the smallest amount of intelligence to know where to take me?" It annoyed him how arousing Edward's voice can be, even when the man held him at gunpoint.
"I think I can guess." He grumbled and started turned the keys in the ignition to start the car once more.

Edward had a giddy skip in his step as he sauntered over to the passenger seat, keeping the gun pointed in Harvey's direction. "Good! Now, shall we?" He waved his hand vaguely.

The car ride was silent other then the cricks in the leather due to Harvey's fist tightening on it. He didn't even have the self-control to keep his mouth closed when he gritted his teeth down on each other.

"This is the exact reason I'm not nice. This is what happens." He mumbled with a huff.

Eddy's giggle still fucking made his heart soar. God he needs a drink.

"You actually thought you were doing me a favor? You just keep proving to me how stupid you are." The brunette laughed with pity, something that made the scarred man's stomach churn in disgust.

"I didn't know that whoring your self out would be something a smart person would like."
His fingers curled tighter on the wheel, his nails almost digging craters into his hand.

Edward looked at the windshield, his face illuminating with a sweet beam.

"It gets what Jonathan wants and when he gets what he wants he's happy, so if I lose something as mundane as my dignity for it, then so be it."

There was a moment's void, Harvey's thoughts raiding his head.

"Then why'd you flirt with me the other night."

Edward's breath was exhaled in an ashamed sigh.

"I won't get into it, because it's none of your business, but," He looked at Harvey with a light hearted pout, "he had been ignoring me. And I hate being ignored, so I thought I would get his attention, one way or another. " He turned the gun over lazily in his hand, testing the hold.

In Harvey's ear he just translated Edward admitting that he used him, it wasn't a pleasant feeling.

You can still grab the gun, you can still take him down. You're bigger.

No, I have a better idea. He needs to see Scarecrow...There's a reason he was ignoring him.

They drove through the highway with a calmed speed, Edward's leg shook, and the wait was becoming a large irritant.

He could see the club's entrance, barren and empty as it always is during the day. He bounced in his seat, a vast smile sweeping his features. The car didn't even come to a full stop in front of the place before Edward had bounded off.

The brunette went around into an alley, Harvey following close behind. He didn't want to be too far away to miss the show.

They both ran (mostly Edward ran, but Harvey had to keep up) into the building.

Harvey climbed the stairs furiously trying to keep up with the surprisingly fit man. The door ahead was slammed off its hinges by Edward's hand, the other still gripping the gun.

Jonathan had been sitting at his desk, clearly through another set of doors. He didn't even look up to see who had entered.

In his excitement he pushed the gun into Harvey's chest for him to take, by its side of course.

"Jon! I'm back!" He ran faster than before and jumped into Jonathan's lap, making the chair roll back.

The scarred one in the room could only see the glistening brown waves hanging softly on the back of his neck. His elbows poking out, his forearms wrapped around Scarecrow's neck.  

In a sudden instant, Harvey felt neglected. He looked at Jonathan and…pictured himself. Being held and holding someone. It was a nice thought. One that even made Two-Face quiet. Its all he had ever wanted from life.

A loud slam of a body hitting the marbled floors jolted the images away. He couldn't see Edward behind the desk, but he could plainly see the now standing and angry villain. His fists clenched at his sides and his face twisted in an invidious snarl.

"Edward," Even his tone had a bitter bight, "Why are you here?"

Wet green eyes looked up at what he thought was his lover then back to his own hands in a disbelieving shift. He was confused and... scared.

"D-Don't you want me here?" He slipped the cracked words out.

Then the cold and bony hands that use to stroke his hair lovingly were grabbing his bicep and forcing him to his feet.

"I changed my number, I sold you away, don't make me gas you to get the message through!" He roared in an impatient tone.

In one push Eddy was back in Harvey's arms again, mostly by instinct so the boy wouldn't fall to the floor a second time. Jonathan looked up at the opposite blue eyes, his look unchanging.

"He comes back again and I kill him. You take him and make sure he never comes back." He made to turn, stopping when a desperate hand pleaded at his sleeve.

"Jon-I-I'm sorry! Please I don't have anyone else! Please…I love you-"

A gas canister was only a centimeter difference from his watering eyes.

"You have no use to me anymore," He looked to both of them.

:c sorry for the wait.

I don't own Batman Characters

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